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A market set for HUGE growth!

Letting Trends

Here’s your opportunity to build a recession-proof business in an industry experiencing record-breaking growth.

Lettings and property management is one of the few markets that continues to do well as a recession-proof business because we all need somewhere to live, and when hard times hit and people can’t afford to buy a home, they rent instead. Which means our market sector is in rapid expansion.

In 1900 about 90% of all UK housing stock was in the Private Rental Sector (PRS). By 1987 that had fallen to just 7% PRS. However, by 2011 it had grown again by 128% reaching 16% PRS. Many respected leading industry analysts predict it will reach 20% by 2020, with future perditions suggesting it may even reach 50% by 2050.

This is great news for you, as a Concentric Sales & Lettings Franchise owner, as it means that your growth and expansion will not only come from acquiring business from existing market share, but also from the natural market expansion, giving you plenty of headroom to develop your business.

Someone is going to have to service this massive market growth, so why don’t you make sure it’s you?

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