What makes Concentric

right for YOU?

Why Concentric?

What makes Concentric right for YOU?

Lettings is a BOOMING industry

Lettings is one of those businesses that has real added value... Not only is it recession proof, being great in both a recession and a booming market, it also has a residual income stream (income that builds up and just continues to come in month after month and in an established branch should make up half of your income). The lettings industry is also rare in that it is growing rapidly (currently at 17% of all residential properties are rented) and is predicted by economists to nearly treble in size by 2050 (to 50% of all the properties) that is a lot of growth.

Focus on building your business NOT admin

A real added feature of our franchise is that we have structured the business so that we have taken away most of the time consuming administrative functions from you, allowing you to focus on gaining new clients and building your lettings faster.

There are many franchises to choose from, but most require you to carry out the property management and client accounting functions yourself. These are administratively heavy as well as complicated roles they will slow down your progress once you get clients on and take you away from making money and building your network, with us, it’s all done for you.







We have a team of highly trained and qualified property managers and client account managers that will take care of your landlords and tenants every day needs including providing online accounting, 24 hour emergency call answering, chasing arrears, compliance management of the systems to keep you safe, managing the daily client account ledgers, banking, organising maintenance and works, so you don’t have too.

This means that you will not need any previous property or lettings experience, just a passion and desire for running your own business, getting out there and talking to people, giving great customer service to clients and driving your team to success.

Only one of our franchisees was a letting agent prior to taking on the franchise, others have come from the building industry, driving instructors, council management and college lecturer for example, so, from many different walks of life.

The best in lettings and legal training





We provide the best in training from some of the industry’s leading experts to make you into a top expert in your area for residential lettings. With over 20 years experience our CEO Sally Lawson is an expert in the field of lettings and management plus a renowned public speaker. She is an active ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents) media spokesperson and representative, as well as heading many training courses on lettings and management and has been engaged as consultant with many highly respected organisations across the UK too.

Sally is also a well recognised industry educator online and on video.  Here at Concentric Sally heads the training team with herself as our key trainer, alongside her team of ARLA trained experts, directors and managers; this means you will receive the best in Lettings Training available from those that have done it.

What we will expect from you is dedication to succeed, enthusiasm, working to achieve your goal setting with passion and drive. You will not be alone, we will appoint a lettings mentor, who has been on the same journey as yourself, as well as your Franchisee Development Manager (FDM), who will speak with you weekly, visit you and guide you in your early days to ensure you get all the help and training you need and when you need it.

Learning together –Growing your businesses together

One of the problems with setting up in business is loneliness, working on your own every day, no one to share your successes with, ask questions or and learn from.  The regulatory bodies can help to a degree, but other letting agents won’t generally share their secrets with you, for fear of competition, therefore you may feel very isolated.

With a Franchise you have the best of both worlds. It is YOUR business, but you have a full time TEAM that care about your success and are here for you to share ideas with.

We have franchise owners that are singles and couples, either works, however, we will guide you on the staffing requirements and needs, dependant on your personal situation.

We hold Lettings Exchanges (lettings training days) every 12 weeks for the entire network to attend and this is a great opportunity to get together and share what is working well, what’s new, learn about all the recent changes, but more importantly to make friends and ensure you never feel alone.

Our current franchise owners are great team players, they work together to help each other to grow and develop, share ideas and support each other too. We collectively believe that together we are stronger. 

Become a landlord yourself without limits

By joining our growing team at Concentric you will be able to start a lettings business, learning from the REAL professionals in the market, taking advantage of the natural growth of the lettings market that the UK is experiencing. With us you will be able to freely invest in rental property yourself, whilst not getting bogged down with the admin and management functions and all their complexities, instead focusing on YOU, your personal and business growth, within a friendly and fun team environment.

The Concentric Lettings –A strong powerful Brand,

Where our branches are located you will see our strong purple picture signs, branded cars and shop fronts.

However check us out online as this is where the real action is, you will find us everywhere where our landlord clients are, on forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, landlord events, as well as writing for respected magazines, trade shows and speaking at property focused events.

We utilise cutting edge technology and our expertise in the market to attract customers to our network. Having Sally Lawson as our MD, who is renowned in the property world and a sought after speaker, really helps us to attract new clients.  Sally creates a wide range of landlord focused “educational” videos, which you can find online on our YouTube channels www.youtube.com/concentrictv and www.youtube.com/lettingscoach





Part of our team here at head office we have a full time videographer, to ensure we are ready when any relevant, current press releases come out and when necessary to make a video on the subject to “put Concentric in the news”.

There is a team of 5 people at head office trained on social media who focus on getting the Concentric Brand out there at every possibility;  Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, talking on forums, and writing articles, so that we really can make sure that where our landlords clients are, we are too at all times of the day.

However, we are more proud to be able to claim that 50% of our customers (across all branches) come to the network from personal recommendation or repeat business, which makes growing your business much easier.

Top in UK for customer service reviews- be part of that SUCCESS

Concentric is synonymous with quality, legal compliance, excellent customer service and a company you can trust. The Concentric Property Management centre is fully ARLA licensed for you and your clients’ protection, with full client money bonding .

We are very proud that that we are in the top 5 across the UK for letting agents customer service reviews on Freeindex (more often than not number 2, with our sister company Lawson’s at number 3).

Franchise Territories available

We offer larger territories than most, due to a lot of our marketing being online, which allows for wider opportunity, this therefore gives you a lot more scope and opportunity to build your business.

Some territories, you would be able to operate more than one branch within your patch, giving opportunity for great future growth.








Concentric Lettings is an accredited, licensed ARLA member. This protects both you and your client landlords and gives the brand validation.  ARLA is the industry leading accreditation to ensure compliance in the lettings market. Sally and her team have been members since 1993.

We are also proud to be Associate Members of the BFA (British Franchise Association) this means that we have been approved as a franchisor with a proven model to protect you and your investment.

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